Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Slow Changes and Little Victories

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time that I've attempted to lose weight. I'm sure when I have kids I'll be attempting to lose some sort of weight, such as baby weight or what have you. However, I used to look for the big victories. 

When I first started to change my lifestyle the weight came off so fast that I thought that was what it would be like until I reached my goal weight. Not exactly. The pounds come off slower now, if they even come off at all. But I've learned that it's also the little victories that make it all worth it. The fact that I could do the majority of the Insanity work out tape with Sean T was a victory that I celebrated today. 

Also, when I pulled on my shorts this morning (That were a little snug at the beginning of the summer) , they went straight up and even higher than they usually went. It's those little victories that I've learned mean the most because it means larger victories are on the way. 


  1. Woo Hoo!! I know what you mean-I know about those plateaus-you can do it!!

    I have always been overweight but was able to maintain it when I was in the army. When I was pregnant with my daughter(1992) I went from 135 to 220lbs and have struggled to get it off. I got out of the army I have been fighting this (20 years now of yoyo dieting) battle!! I have lost 10lbs since I began my new journey two weeks ago!! I just had a hysterectomy so I have 4 more weeks before I can begin any high impact activities. I have the insanity workout and can't wait to get started. I have a determination to win this battle and I won't give up until I do! Continue to fight the goood fight!!

  2. Wow! 10 pounds and two weeks!! That's awesome :)