Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weight Loss Hurdles

I think that since I found my love for beer in England, it has been the largest hurdle that I've had to overcome. I'm well aware that beers are just empty calories, but there is nothing more satisfying than an IPA or Witbier that perfectly compliments a meal. And unfortunately, one beer never stays one beer, especially when I'm relaxing in the living room with my roommate. One beer turns into two and sometimes three beers which leave me feeling full and guilty.

Sweets are also a problem. I have a killer sweet tooth that's rarely satiated with one piece of chocolate or a bite of cheesecake. For me, I use the rationalization that regardless, I'm eating a dessert, so why deny myself something I want. I know if I eat a little now, I'll eat more later, overcompensating for what I feel is a lost opportunity to indulge.

One of the biggest hurdles I'll have to overcome along my weight loss journey will definitely be high calorie, hoppy beers, and desserts that are jam-packed with sugar and empty calories. However, with this new me, I will attempt to become more cognizant of how many beers I am drinking, and when I've had enough sugar during the day.

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